Crescent Sandpiper Condos for sale

Nearly every condo at Crescent Sandpiper has a spectacular view, the pictures above are typical of the views from the balcony of a unit roughly 2/3 of the way towards the beach in the building.  Nearly every condo here has a great view, in fact in our opinion the units classified as "view" actually have a better view of the beach and ocean than some true ocean front condos in other complexes.  Crescent Sandpiper is pet friendly and has been well maintained by the home owners association.  This complex is built closer to the beach than most complexes because it was built before strict building restrictions were enacted and state regulators later made all complexes be built farther from the beach.

As of WINTER/SPRING 2016  there were two units for sale, one  priced in the upper 300s and one in the low 300s.  Prices vary throughout the complex simply because of location, condition and what the owner wants.  We can help you determine whether it is a good buy or over priced we just have to look up close at each one and compare.  We can quickly supply you with details on HOA monthly fees, taxes, amenities etc.  Please contact us via email or call Jill Mangum's personal cell at 904-318-3444 or click here now

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